Please Vote to Ratify this Tentative Agreement for 2018-21

You can read the complete text of the new contract here.
Scroll down on this page for a summary of the changes that have been made to each section of the contract.

Dear Colleagues,

After 16 months of hard work, and with the tremendous support of you and our community, the CCFF Executive Board asks that you ratify the tentative agreement we have made with the District.

We would not have been able to get to this agreement without you and the countless hours many of you volunteered writing contract language, attending negotiations sessions, speaking out at board meetings, or working to make sure our colleagues knew what was going on throughout this process. We also could not have gotten here without the support of our students and the larger community.  


In the area of wages, we are proud to have secured an increase of 4.71% (COLA + 2%) for all faculty retroactive to July 1, 2018. Part-time instructional faculty will also see a new salary schedule, derived by a parity formula from the full-time schedule, that more fairly compensates for training and experience. The part-time non-instructional salary schedule gets the 4.71% raise along with two additional steps.


We maintained full health coverage for full-time faculty. We also established a pool of $100,000 a year to reimburse eligible part-time faculty for medical expenses.

A More Complete Contract

We were able to include more of our work rules in the contract.

A detailed summary of the changes and additions, along with a link to the full text of the contract can be found below.

We will also hold two public forums to review the tentative agreement and to answer your questions. They will be held on:

  • Thursday, February 28  from 11:00 – 12:20 in FA 134
  • Friday, March 1  from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm in FA 134

All union members can vote to ratify the agreement using a secret, electronic ballot that will be sent to your Cerritos College email account tonight. Voting will be open until 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 3. (If you are not a member, join online.)

If this agreement is ratified by a majority of voters, it will go to the Board of Trustees for their approval next Wednesday, March 6. (Please plan to be there from 6-8 pm.) If it is approved at that meeting, it will become our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, or contract) for the 2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21 academic years.

The CCFF Negotiations Team and Executive Board truly believe this is a strong deal and that it represents real improvement in our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions on this campus.We strongly urge you to vote YES for ratification of this tentative agreement.

–CCFF Executive Board

Articles with changes and new articles include:

Your CCFF negotiations team has worked in good faith with the Cerritos Community College District over the past 16 months to improve the lives of Cerritos College Faculty. Specifically, we started with ambitious goals for the 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that included a total of 14 articles.

  • Article 3 Union Rights
  • Article 4 Assignment (new article)
  • Article 8 Salary
  • Article 10 Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Article 11 Department Chairs
  • Article 13 Temporary Part Time Faculty Reemployment/Assignment
  • Article 14 Office Hours
  • Article 16.6 Part Time Faculty Evaluation
  • Article 30 Grievance
  • Article 34 Academic Rank (new article)
  • Article 35 Payroll Deductions (new article)
  • Article 36 Parental Leave (new article)
  • Article 37 Faculty Service Areas (new article)
  • Article 38 Working conditions, Safety and Welfare (new article)
  • Article 39 Professional Memberships, Travel and Conference (new article)
  • Appendix C Salary Schedule Placement for Vocational Education
  • Appendix D Salary Schedule Placement
    *Just Cause pending PERB charge not in contract


We are proud to have secured a salary increase of 4.71% (COLA + 2%) for all faculty retroactive to July 1, 2018.. FT faculty maximum summer load has been increased from a cap of 8 units to up to 12 units.

Part-time instructional faculty pay will now be based off of the FT salary schedule using a parity factor. The parity factor means that part-time faculty will now make 0.545 of what a full time faculty makes to teach a class.

Part-time non-instructional faculty pay will increase by the same amount as the full-time schedule. (4.71%). Two additional salary steps have been added so that schedule has the same number of steps as the part-time instructional schedule. The parity factor was not applied since non-instructional faculty are currently paid at a higher hourly rate than they would get using the 0.545 parity factor.

All part-time faculty will be paid an ancillary rate of $30 an hour to participate in mandated trainings and for voluntary attendance at division and department meetings.


We maintained fully-paid healthcare coverage for all full-time faculty.

For the first time ever, eligible part-time faculty now have access to a pool of up to $100,000 per fiscal year toward the reimbursement of medical and dental insurance expenses. Reimbursement can be requested for up to $1,000 a semester (fall and spring).

For our future retirees, we have increased the monthly payment toward CalPERS medical plans from $200 to $300, and secured up to $15,000 annually for those who would like to retire at 62 with 20 years of service.  


Assignment: CCFF was able to secure an assignment article that clarifies faculty members duties and responsibilities, scheduling, overload, dual/concurrent enrollment, Athletics Coaching, counselors and librarians, Distance Education, a compensation model for those teaching independent studies classes, and much more.

Article 11 Department Chairs: Those who would like to balance their chair release time load may do so through their dean. The new contract clarifies summer chair duties and stipend allocation when a new chair is elected.

Article 14 Office Hours: A clarification was made on offering summer office hours pertaining to those teaching lab classes or AED classes.

Article 13 Part Time Rehire Rights: Adjustments were made to the scheduling availability form deadlines and determination of seniority for those with the same hire date. Clarification provided for scheduling part-time faculty who earn and or lose seniority

Article 30 Grievance: Language was clarified.

Article 16 Part Time Evaluation: Part-time faculty who receive an overall score of  “needs improvement” will be given a remediation plan and will be re-evaluated the next time they teach. Part-time faculty who do not show improvement after re-evaluation or receive an overall unsatisfactory rating will not be rehired. The old “off schedule” evaluation procedure was replaced with a “administrative evaluation” procedure, parallel to that used for full-time faculty.

Professional Membership, Travel and Conference: Faculty who have to travel between two or more assigned locations on the same service day will be reimbursed for their mileage.

Working Conditions, Safety, and Welfare: Guidance is provided concerning safe working conditions, and a method for reporting unsafe conditions is provided.

Faculty Service Areas: This is a new article. It addresses the timeline and process of when and how faculty members should request authorization to serve in a different department or program.

Parental Leave: This is a new article that expands leave benefits, which align with current legislation.

You can read the complete text of the new contract here.