About Your Union

About Your Union

The Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF) is your union. We represent all faculty at the College. When we go to bargain with the District, we bargain for all.

We are a local union under the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), one of the major national teacher’s unions for educators. The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) is the state union under the AFT, and offers the CCFF regular assistance in union business.

We are made up of 10 officers, which means we are larger now than in our history. As a labor union, we are made up of your peers. Officers are both part-time and full-time faculty, and we teach in a range of subjects. Alongside our teaching duties, we dedicate ourselves toward, not only to working for better working conditions, but also to retaining these gains for everyone.



We are a democratic organization that works for what matters most to faculty. This is why we make every effort to gain feedback from our constituency, the collection of faculty who we represent.

Our union members all have a say in what their working conditions are, who is in the union, how the union should operate, and which community representatives should make decisions for our workplace.


We are also a transparent organization that, through regular email and face-to-face communication, we inform our members of our efforts and progress.


As a union, the CCFF provides a support system for our fellow faculty. Our officers can be a resource for new and current faculty members who may have questions or concerns about the union or about Cerritos College. Faculty are encouraged to reach out us at any time.


The CCFF understands that how the college treats faculty affects how each faculty member sees themself. This is why every effort we make means one step closer to all faculty feeling that their work is appreciated, fairly compensated, and that they are treated with dignity.