Campus Equity Week – Social Media Toolkit

October 24-28, 2022

Note: If you are not on social media but would still like to participate, please follow the instructions below and send your photos to CFT Communications Director Matthew Hardy at

Please take a moment October 24-28 to post on your social media (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook) for Campus Equity Week.


Step 1: Take a selfie – print and hold one of our signs using images linked to below (if using blank sign i.e. middle image, write a brief sentence with sharpie).

If you don’t want to take a selfie, you can use Image #3 below.

Step 2: Post your photo along with a message (samples below), making sure to use the hashtags #CampusEquityWeek and #FacultyHealthcareNow, and tagging @cftunion if there is space.

Step 3: Encourage your fellow faculty to post as well!

Images to utilize (print and hold #1 or 2 for selfie, or use #3 if no selfie):

  • Sign to hold:


  • Blank sign to write on and hold (fill in your own message, e.g. 6-10 words):


  • Image to simply post with your text (without taking a selfie):


Text of your post:

  • Compose a post explaining why healthcare matters to you, your family, your colleagues, etc. Be sure to include #CampusEquityWeek and #FacultyHealthcareNow, and tag @cftunion if there’s space.

Here is sample language for posts you can use instead of composing your own text::

  • No better time than #CampusEquityWeek to remind your community college administration that part-time faculty deserve quality, affordable healthcare. #FacultyHealthcareNow @cftunion
  • Gov. Newsom & the Legislature stood with us & committed $200 million in annual funding for part-time faculty healthcare. Now we need [insert name of your community college] to step up & negotiate quality, affordable, & accessible healthcare for all faculty #CampusEquityWeek #FacultyHealthcareNow
  • My family deserves quality, affordable healthcare. And my wellness and stability help me support my students. #CampusEquityWeek #FacultyHealthcareNow @cftunion
  • Like many part-time community college faculty I am a ‘freeway flyer’. I teach in multiple districts just to get by. It’s time for quality, affordable healthcare for all faculty. #CampusEquityWeek #FacultyHealthcareNow @cftunion
  • Quality, affordable healthcare for part-time faculty will mean the world to not just me and my family, but my ability to be there for my students as well. #CampusEquityWeek #FacultyHealthcareNow

Campus Equity Week toolkit on

For more great resources and materials, check out the Campus Equity Week toolkit on Materials include Zoom backgrounds, links to more materials, and more.

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