Union Update – Oct 11, 2018

Some Wednesdays Are Redder Than Others

Mark your calendars to join your colleagues at the October 17 Board of Trustees Meeting.  We will meet in the Administrative Quad at 6:30 pm for a short rally, then fill the Board Room to support our colleagues speaking during public comments. (We may even have special guests, an accordion …) Let us know we can count on you by either replying yes to our text or by using this form.

On September 19 of last year we began negotiations with the District when we sent in our list of articles we wanted to sunshine or negotiate.  We have spent countless  hours in official negotiations, sidebars, informal conversations, and working with members and our negotiations team to research and draft our proposals.

15 years after our union started we are still without a full Assignment Article that describes our working conditions such as our job duties and how we are scheduled; the District refuses to negotiate a Just Cause article that would outline when we can be investigated, the timelines for these types of investigations, and what kinds of discipline can be imposed.  We have also been unable to come to tentative agreements on: Part-time Evaluation; Grievance; Union Rights; and Travel, Conference, and Professional Organizations

And, as you are all well aware,  for the last month we have been involved in intensive negotiations related to salary and healthcare benefits for all faculty working at the college.

The next three years will be excellent budgetary years for community colleges.  According to calculations by the Chancellors’ Office our budget will increase by almost 15%  under the new funding formula. In addition, the state has budgeted an extra $50 million a year in ongoing funding to support the hiring of  full-time faculty and an additional one-time allocation of $50 million to partially reimburse the cost of part-time office hours.  We have just finished a massive SERP that resulted in the retirement over 70 experienced (and expensive) faculty, staff, and managers.  If we really want to reform the way we do things around here to make Cerritos College a truly excellent place to work and a truly exceptional place for our students to learn then we need to make those changes now.

And what would those changes be? Working to provide equal pay for equal work would be a start.   Making sure all of our salaries keep up with inflation should be a no-brainer. (Hello, COLA!) And there’s no reason anyone should lose any of their current health benefits during a banner budget year.  Ensuring that students have equal access to faculty during office hours no matter if the instructor is full or part-time would also help.  We should come up with a plan where everyone who works here has access to healthcare.  The rules for when faculty are investigated, how those investigations are run, and the type of discipline that can be meted out should be negotiated.  Our work rules should be written down in a document that has been updated since 2007.

When we show up and demonstrate our commitment to our profession, our college, and our students we can make change happen.  We made sure our last contract was ratified, we helped save Zebra Coffee, we restored part-time counseling hours through the end of last fiscal year.

Come out next Wednesday and show the trustees and our administration that Cerritos College faculty are proud of the work we do here at the college and will not be satisfied until we have a full, fair contract.

In Unity,

Stephanie Rosenblatt

CCFF President