Union Update – Oct 12, 2018


At the last Board of Trustees meeting on October 3, there was a successful showing of faculty, who spoke in support of fair and adequate healthcare, as well as for fair wages for all faculty. Because of this continued effort by faculty, the District has been more willing to talk about these issues at negotiations. To address these issues, the administration has scheduled a number of sidebar conversations that focus on salary and benefits. The CCFF and Admin have been discussing how to move towards partiy for part-time faculty, retaining our current level of healthcare coverage, and ading access to healthcare for part-time faculty.
Aside from healthcare and salary, we still have the large task of negotiation a complete contract. We are still without one, even fifteen years after our union was established.
Agreements have not yet been reached on ten other important items.
An extensive update on negotiations will be provided at the public eboard meeting on Tue, Oct 16 at 11a-12:20p in LC 217. (The negotiations update and strategy session on actions/contract campaign will take place the last half of the meeting.)

Rally Wed, Oct 17

Join us next Wed, Oct 17 from 6:30-7:30p in the administrative quad. We’ll have a short rally before the board meeting, then pack the board room to support our colleagues who’ll speak out on:
  • Need to  pass through COLA
  • Parity/healthcare for PT
  • Decent wage for all of us
  • Healthcare for all of us
  • FAT campus budget
  • Need for due process when it comes to discipline (Just Cause)
  • Need for an assignment article that describes our working conditions
So far, we’ve had Talon Marks and California Teacher speak to faculty and report on the status of our negotiation efforts. We can send out press releases to larger media outlets – if we know we’ll have a strong turnout. We know you care about your working conditions and our students’ learning conditions––please come out to show the Board and the Administration.
The negotiations team needs your help to exert pressure in the right places so we can get the contract we deserve.
Let us know that you’re attending the BOT meetings or that you’ll find others to attend the meeting by filling out the following Google Form:

Grievance: Evaluations

It’s evaluation season so we thought we would remind everyone about what’s in the contract regarding evaluations so all of us can remember that this is a peer-review process.
  • If any criteria, other than the criteria on the form, is going to be used for the evaluation, that criteria has to be agreed upon by the entire evaluation team in advance.
  • All members of the team are equal partners – even when a dean is on the team.  The opinion of each member of the team is equally valid. Be collegial and work towards consensus but if all members can’t come to an agreement on the overall evaluation, don’t sign the evaluation. If this happens, the parties in disagreement each file their own evaluation report and it will go through an Administrative Review with the appropriate VP – most likely Rick Miranda.

Get More Involved 

Help the union with polication actions by filling out the following Google Form:

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