Update on Summer 2016 Pay Rates

Dear Colleagues,

Last fall it came to the Union’s attention that the District had been under-paying full-time faculty for summer semester instruction. The District, in blatant violation of the CBA, had been paying faculty on the previous year’s salary schedule instead of based on the proceeding year’s salary schedule. Appendix A, p. 4 of the CBA of the CBA requires that for regular and contract faculty:

“Summer session salaries shall be based upon the salary schedule of the academic year immediately proceeding the summer session.”

The District is again failing to pay faculty as required by the CBA. The Union has learned that faculty for the first summer session have been paid on the 2015-2016 salary rate, not on the 2016-2017 rate as required by Appendix A

Last time around, the Union grieved the District’s violation, which resulted in the attached settlement. As you can see, as a result of the settlement faculty were correctly paid based on the 2015-2016 salary rate for both summer session 1 and summer session 2. The settlement implemented the CBA as required. The Union has again filed a grievance regarding the District’s failure to apply the appropriate salary schedule.

The Union wonders if the District intends to underpay faculty every summer, and force the Union to continue to grieve each time, despite the clear language of the CBA. There is simply no reason or excuse for the District’s failure, especially in light of the Union raising the issue and the parties’ agreement to use the proceeding salary rates as recently as last fall.

The District, which had been fully informed last year of its obligations, has no excuse whatsoever for this failure. We encourage faculty to contact the District’s Board regarding this matter and let them know that the District and the Board must follow the clear, unambiguous language of the CBA.


Solomon Namala
(CCFF President)