We Have a Contract Because of You, Faculty

Kimberly Rosenfeld gave this speech on the night the Cerritos College Board of Trustees approved the 2015-18 faculty contract:

Greetings, my name is Kimberly Rosenfeld and I am the lead negotiator for CCFF and today we are here to celebrate this Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

This document was made possible because of you! Yes you CCFF members.

I am talking about you…

Science Engineering & Mathematics – give a holler if you are out there! and you Fine Arts, let’s hear it!

Business Education & Social Sciences goes without saying, Liberal Arts where are you my colleagues? 

Physical Education we could not have done it without you! I am talking to you especially Deb Jensen 

Technology we knew you were rooting for us Counseling and Library where are you our friends? 

and Health Occupations How could I forget you, our friends.

I am here today to share a very brief history of how we got here!

How we got HERE to this night:

Although this contract is the result of the individual efforts by many before me and before our current team, this team approached negotiations with a mindset to RESTORE FAIRNESS.

If you recall not too long ago when in the name of the recession we, yes us FACULTY willingly gave up:

  • Salary Increases
  • Sabbaticals
  • Not to mention the complete obliteration of equipment, supply and faculty development funds

We did all of this willingly to help our students and this college. As the economy recovered, we noticed how far we had fallen behind with our pay lagging a full 14% behind the cost of living and the pay for our part timers was so low that we were losing them to other schools faster than we could hire them. The frustration SET IN and we started talking about the POWER of A THANK YOU.


As a team we not only surveyed the faculty, we felt it was critical that we talked to YOU. Many of you may recall the meetings. Yes, the meetings where we asked you to document what you do, to share your frustrations and to brainstorm ways to improve the situation.

We talked about Power Dynamics

We talked about RESTORING THE BALANCE and that without YOU it would not be possible


Once the negotiations started and things didn’t go well. In fact, they had utterly disappointed our every expectation, we held on because of YOU and the Power of your support.

We held on because we know you needed a lifeboat and we were not about to let us all sink.

When we found ourselves in mediation, exhausted, beat up, depressed facing our summer with no resolution in sight. Offers came in one worse than the other and we knew we had to hold on longer. We knew we had the power of YOU.

As the summer wore on and we were into 3 all day mediation sessions on a road to nowhere, the letter arrived to your homes designed to shake your trust and entice you to pull your support from us, You held on with us.

By the end of summer, we were ready to fight for you. We had been certified for Fact Finding, A first in 60 years of Cerritos College History. We knew you were behind us.


We celebrate this contract with you tonight as a testament to our collective efforts to solve problems, restore fairness, and work together toward making Cerritos College a better place to work and a better place to learn.

Thank You!